Spring Blooms: Local Flowers Near You in Malasaña

Spring Blooms: Local Flowers Near You in Malasaña

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the delightful emergence of blooming flowers all around! Did you know there are some extraordinary spots close to our shop where you can indulge in the freshest blooms?


For those who eagerly anticipate the arrival of seasonal blooms, Florea is an absolute must-visit. They are our destination to find the hopeful allure of tulips in March to the breathtaking scent of peonies in June, they curate a lovely selection. Moreover, their array of potted plants, ranging from adorable cacti to chic monstera varieties, presents perfect options for both gifting and adding some green to your space.

Florida Garden

Just a stone's throw away, nestled on the corner of Calle Palma and San Bernardo, is Florida Garden—a true gem among florists. Renowned for their warm service, they sell flowers by the stem, lush potted plants, and aromatic herbs. A true your go-to destination for all your floral needs.

Flor de Lola
Literally next door to KITI, Flor de Lola is the perfect place to stop for fresh blooms to treat yourself or delight someone else. Whether you opt for Lola's expertly curated arrangements with her personalized touch or choose your own stems, expect nothing short of stunning. Embodying modern elegance, Lola's designs effortlessly elevate any space.

Las Flores de Arturo

Venture back to Calle Conde Duque and discover the delightful haven that is Flores by Arturo. Their diverse selection of distinctive flowers, spanning an array of vibrant hues, promises to captivate. Whether you seek a bespoke bouquet tailored to your preferences or wish to exercise your creativity by hand-selecting individual stems, this is the place to be. Choose a few unique stems here to use with the Constellation flower arranging disk—it's a game-changer!

Mon Parnasse

Vibrant and alluring, the displays at Mon Parnasse are nothing short of delightful. With their signature rainbow-colored arrangements outdoor displays, they've become a fixture in the Madrid floral scene. Here you can opt for one of their ready-made arrangements, choose flowers by the stem, and find lots of beautiful filler flowers that ensure each creation is nothing short of spectacular.

Discover the beauty of springtime blossoms and your own creativity. Explore these local florists, try out the Constellation disk, and infuse your space with the enchanting allure of fresh blooms.

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